Time & Attendance
Here is the answer to your time and attendance challenges. You will have on hand a smart tool to control every hour worked, analyze and approve timesheets as well as generate a faultless payroll for your employees. MX-SmartTracker increases your productivity and reduces labor costs. It’s now offered in the Cloud at a wide range of flexible rates to suit any taste and budget. What’s more, it’s easily adaptable to fit individual needs of most companies. At MPEX Business Solutions, our philosophy is simple: we design services to satisfy your most demanding requirements by implementing ingenious management tools.
MX-SmartTracker is an advanced time-management system designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing payroll package or external pay service. It enhances anything you presently use by simplifying the transmission of information to your existing payroll system before processing it for each pay period. MX-SmartTracker works with most existing punch clock and data collection terminals on the market – Suprema, Amano, CMI, Synel, Handpunch and many others.
Advanced time-management solution
With MX-TimeTracker, personnel can also punch in and out on their own computers, smartphones or tablets, because it’s an integrated time-management system on the web wholly independent of your data collection terminals. So you don’t need the expensive InTouch electronic time clock. But always attentive to clientele with such devices, MPEX was created to integrate with whatever you might have. In fact, with MX-Solution, you can even use your POS to punch in and out.

MX-SmartTracker works with most existing punch clock software and data collection terminals on the market.

MX-SmartTracker helps save both time and money in schedule planning and employee time-tracking.

Your employees can easily punch in and out using their own computers, smartphones or tablets

MX-SmartTracker integrates seamlessly with client’s payroll package or external pay services.

The tool allows saving from 25 to 50% of the time dedicated to payroll processing.

We ensure our customers with easy to operate interface. Therefore, the solution is simple enough to understand and interact with.

Transparent & Automated