Data collection

MX-Solution on Demand is completely independent of your source of data collected when your staff punches In and Out. MX-SmartTracker works with most of the existing punch clocks or data collection terminals on the market like Suprema, Amano, CMI, Synel, Handpunch and many others.

You may however choose to use your own computer, smartphone, tablet or any mobile to punch In and Out. This complete punch clock software keeps track of your employees’ hours by providing them with the convenience of punching in an out and allowing them to easily view their hours for any given period of time. And as a manager, you will benefit by adding, viewing, and modifying the data as you need it.

List of equipment supported by MPEX
Fingerprint IP Access Terminal with Face Detection (Suprema Biostation T2)
The new BioStation T2 blends loads of innovative features with Suprema’s sophisticated fingerprint recognition technology. Its powerful dual-CPU engine ensures seamless operation and internal camera captures face image logs (snap shots) for extra level of security. Sealed in a flat-panel front glass and refined dimensions, it provides intuitive and aesthetic GUI on easy-to-use touchscreen LCD. In addition to its extensive communication interfaces, BioStation T2 also supports embedded web server which provides convenience system management over its IP-based access control system.
LBC Data acquisition Terminals
Affordable real-time data collection terminal, with Ethernet standard 10 BaseT TCP/IP communication (Windows, AS/400, Linux, Unix…). Data can be entered via the membrane keyboard, the barcode slot reader or any other external device in “Wand Emulation” mode.
CoPilot Computers (Windows XPe)
Specifically designed to meet data collection needs requiring a graphic interface, the CoPilot is the perfect companion for your computer applications in a dry industrial environment. It features a 7-inch colour touch screen that is ideal for displaying reduced scale industrial drawings, production graphics, work orders, etc. Made from durable polycarbonate and equipped with a Windows XP embeded operating system, the CoPilot provides a user-friendly data control and access point for manufacturing plants.
Recognition Systems: Biometric Time & Attendance Terminal (HandPunch HP3000)
A whole new way to stop buddy punching. The HandPunch 3000 comes standard with user capacity for 512 employees. As your business grows, so can the user capacity. With a built-in transactional memory to store over 5,000 punches the HandPunch 3000 ensures your employees’ data is safe.
HandPunch 1000

Pay for only what you need

The HandPunch 1000 comes standard with user capacity for 100 users. Memory upgrades are available to expand to 100 or even up to 512 users. The upgrade can be easily performed in the field without removing the unit from the wall. With a built-in transactional memory to store over 5,000 punches the HandPunch 1000 ensures your employees’ data is safe.