An Integrated Time & Attendance Payroll and Human Resources Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management software for human resources

Tracking work hours is an integral part of proper workforce management. For many, managing employees’ time & attendance is a significant and time-consuming task. So, a single data source to keep track of all workforce operations within the company, from punch collection to payroll production, is the key to your business success. Our solution will help you transform all your management headaches into an integrated and collaborative process.

Time and Attendance
Prepare accurate payroll, capture attendances and hours worked, then manage exceptions, correct punches, approve timesheets, and export data to the designated payroll system.
Easy-to-use payroll software allows you to take control of employee compensation. Payroll management is so much easier when payroll is integrated with time & attendance and human resources.
Human Resources
Centralize all information related to talent management, hours worked, schedules, and payroll. MX-Solution — a single database for all your workforce management needs.
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Manufacturing and Distribution
To get the most from business processes, both distributors and manufacturers should focus on productivity increase and quickly respond to short time demands. MX-Solution can help you achieve these objectives in a few clicks.
Retail and Hospitality
When it comes to the retail and hospitality industry, keeping costs in check while covering all shifts with an appropriate number of employees is crucial. MX-Solution effectively addresses these requirements, providing seamless business activity.
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Business Services and Healthcare
To keep an edge over the competition, managers working in business and healthcare industries have to focus on anticipating and meeting their customers’ unique needs. MX-Solution will help you overcome these obstacles promptly and in time.
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