Time & Attendance

MX-SmartTracker on Demand increases your productivity and reduces labor costs. It’s now offered in the Cloud at a wide range of flexible rates to fit any budget and easily adaptable to fit your company’s unique requirements. At MPEX Business Solutions, our philosophy is simple: we design solutions to fit you, your needs, and your company’s existing world.

MX-SmartTracker is an advanced time-management system designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing payroll package or external pay service. It enhances anything you presently use by simplifying the transmission of information to your existing payroll system before processing it for each pay period. MX-SmartTracker works with most existing punch clock and data collection terminals on the market – Suprema, Amano, CMI, Synel, Handpunch and many others.

With MX-TimeTracker, personnel can also punch in and out on their own computers, smartphones or tablets, because it’s an integrated time-management system on the web wholly independent of your data collection terminals. So you don’t need the expensive InTouch electronic time clock. But always attentive to clientele with such devices, MPEX was created to integrate with whatever you might have. In fact, with MX-Solution, you can even use your POS to punch in and out.

No matter the complexity of your fixed or variable work schedules, the existence of multiple hour work banks and the number of full-time or part-time positions, MX-SmartTracker will help you save time and money in schedule planning and real-time monitoring of employee attendance. With the MX-SmartTracker system you can easily manage every aspect of your employee payroll operations, saving you between 25 and 50% of the time usually dedicated to processing payrolls. Thanks to MPEX’s MX-SmartTracker, the monitoring and analysis of employee attendance is no longer a burden.

With Mx-SelfManager, employees can easily request time off, punch in and out through the web and even complete their own time sheet.

With Mx-SelfManager, supervisors have access to their employees’ data at any time of the day and from any location, allowing quick answers to requests, time exception corrections and time card approval, while all the time checking that everything follows your corporation’s workflow policies.


  • Accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere
  • Worldwide time zone supported true out the application
  • Real-time monitoring of employee presence and absence
  • Multi-company, multi-division, multi-task management
  • Simultaneous access to multiple user data
  • Integrated to any electronic time clock, Biometric, handpunch, finger print detection, face recognition
  • Standard rotation scheduling planning
  • Real-time calculation of work by any type of earning code
  • Unlimited number of schedules
  • Unlimited number of absence codes
  • Unlimited number of earnings codes
  • Integration to your existing payroll system
  • Anomaly follow-up
  • Full audit over any modification done by users
  • User friendly interface
  • Time and attendance calculated based on collective bargaining agreements
  • Various overtime calculation methods
  • Unlimited type of premium