Workforce on demand

The Smartest Workforce Management on Demand

MPEX Business Solutions offers a wide range of productivity and workforce management business solutions.

Whether your payroll consists of 50 or 5,000 or just a few employees, our integrated solution for Employee Time Sheets & Expenses, Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Project & Job Management or Human Resources, is designed to help companies of all sizes efficiently manage their internal workforce processes.

With MPEX, only one database is required to manage your entire workforce Management Information.

Avoid duplicated data entries with only one location where you can find all the employee profiles and data you need, from anywhere at any time, from MX-Solution in the cloud as a service (SaaS).

With Mx-SelfManager, employees can also update their own employee information with easy-to-fill requests through the web, and, at the same time, all those employee requests will strictly follow your corporation’s workflow policies.