Retail and Hospitality

Managers in the retail and hospitality industry always need to spend a great deal of time and energy estimating the accurate number of employees needed to cover a shift, all while needing to keep costs in check. MX-Solution addresses these divergent requirements.


Retailers, restaurants and hotels survive on profit margins. It’s always intensive work requiring a lot of energy to guess the accurate number of employees needed to cover a shift, or the best worker to fill an open one against skill and availability. With MX-SmartScheduler, it’s now quick and easy to schedule the right employee to the right place at the right time. Also, MX-SmartScheduler is so simple to use that it will remove the need for manual scheduling and ensures optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day from anywhere, within the Manager Self Service.

MX-SmartScheduler is the most accurate scheduling tool on the market. The solution will help you meet sales forecasts and deliver an exceptional manager’s experience as you schedule the right employee at the right moment; helping you balance between workforce sale per hour ( SPH ) based on employee’s performance and meet your target’s planning versus your corporate budget, week after week.

MX-SmartScheduler also allows you to analyze workforce Sale per hour scheduling ( SPH ) alongside the real sale per hour from POS data — store by store — giving you valuable insight into the correlation between staffing for store target and actual sales performance. Finally, a business intelligence solution that not only proposes a budget but furthermore keeps your store manager on track and help them achieve their weekly sale target. MX-SmartScheduler doesn’t let the manager focuses and wastes too much time on spending data in their budget, offering them rather to focus on their employee’s performance to increase store’s sales.

MX-SmartScheduler’s benefits

  • Maximize employee sale per hour by aligning labor costs to sales volume
  • Gains sale store performance and compare from the same retail week of previous year
  • Ensure the store target on track and by focusing on sale per hour and not on spending budget


For managers in any hospitality industry, headaches are the norm when they are confronted with the need to provide superior customer service to their clientele, and that means enough staff on the floor while keeping costs in check by preventing the scheduling of too many employees on the same shift.  MX-Solution will help managers plan the right number of employees for the ongoing load of work to do in order to ensure that the customers experience is a positive one.

Employees working in the hospitality industry often go through a great deal of stress as they have to constantly guess when they may or may not work. With MX-SmartScheduler, the employee is informed by email of any scheduling change, with the result that their lives suddenly become much easier and less stressful, while in parallel helping you end frustrating staff turnover.  Managers, with shorter lead times, have to schedule and face demands from staff while being constantly on their toes to meet their customers’ high expectations. Since it’s always been almost impossible to manually go through such complex tasks on a daily basis in an efficient and productive way, the desired solution should be something akin to a very smart tool. We’re glad to inform the managers of the world that the MX-SmartScheduler is now here and ready to serve.

MX-Solution helps you to reduce labor cost, eliminate overtime and increase staff performance as well as employee absenteeism — all so you can provide that high level of service you know you need to maintain customer satisfaction.