Manufacturing and Distribution

Now more than ever manufacturers and distributors have to focus on productivity and quickly react to short time demands, while always meeting their customers’ very high expectations. MX-Solution will immediately assist you in all of these goals.


Now more than ever manufacturing organizations have to focus on increasing productivity by controlling labor cost. MX-ProjectManager and MX-SmartTracker allow you to efficiently control your time and attendance information to follow-up ongoing job on the shop floor. Beyond labor cost, MX-SelfManager helps you track who’s working on a specific project at anytime of the day and from anywhere, even if you are at that moment located 100 miles away from your plant.

MX-ProjectManager helps manufacturers improve benefit from their labor costs. It also delivers a real-time view of their working process and helps manager to control employee’s time spent.

MPEX Business solutions have helped many manufactory owners to be in control of their bottom line profit by slashing wasteful unproductive labor cost.


Distributor’s managers are always expected to quickly react to short time demands and additionally, they have to meet their customers’ very high expectations.

MX-SelfManager and MX-SmartTracker can help you see online who is working at any of your warehouses, from anywhere and at any time, the moment you glance into our solution’s interface. Time is money and for distributors, data on manpower performance and cost greatly help operational decisions in real time for that essential goal to control profit margins.

  • MX-Solution helps to control labor cost
  • MX-Solution helps align labor demand to schedule the right employee at the right place for the right time
  • MX-Solution helps to view real time presence of your workforce any of your locations from anywhere at any time of the day or night