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"Our company became an MPEX customer in January 2001 after 2 years of payroll outsourcing. We process an average weekly payroll of 400 employees within two divisions and 50 departments. We chose MPEX's Time & Attendance system because we use electronic key punches as a means of controlling the cost of our products. This solution is used in conjunction with MPEX's Payroll system which has proven to be highly flexible and reliable. Earning codes and deduction codes are easily configurable."

"Because of the seasonal nature of our activities our company must layoff several employees during some periods of the year. Within this context, MPEX' Payroll solution added features greatly reduces the task of managing our group insurance. As for customer service, MPEX deserves a score of 100%. Their team has supported us with great efficiency and courtesy."

"We are so satisfied with the product that we would never consider outsourcing ever again. Our decision to use MPEX has been a winning formula. We don't hesitate to recommend MPEX to anyone who wishes to achieve autonomy and efficiency with considerable savings in time and money."

For more than 50 years, Laflamme manufactures has offered some of the highest quality doors and windows in the world with unparalleled after-sales service. ISO9001 certified since January 2000, Laflamme adheres to the highest quality standards.


"Our operations are conducted in several individual or remote locations. The Payroll and Time & Attendance from MPEX allows us to efficiently monitor our activities and control our costs."

Cover Industries, Division of Guardian Industry is a leading manufacturer and important exporter of windows and doors. Founded in 1986 and employing more than 300 employees, the company is mainly active in the US market with its head office in Anjou Quebec.