20 June 2013 About us

About the company

MPEX Business Solutions is a leading developer of integrated productivity and workforce management software solutions designed to help to manage time tracking, employee scheduling, human resources, employee self-service, employee timesheets and expenses, manager self-service, project management, job costing and Canadian payroll management.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality workforce management on demand (SaaS) that respects customer objectives, schedules and budgets. 

With MPEX’s workforce management on demand and turnkey approach, we have virtually eliminated customer involvement in complex system configurations, resulting in a high success rate of implementation. MPEX’s team of consultants take charge of the customer from day one until all phases of the implementation are 100% successfully completed.

After more than 20 years of success stories, MPEX is proud to enjoy a strong reputation primarily among companies involved in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and business services industries. MPEX’s head office is located in Canada, and we have now opened our first office in the USA, as of January of 2011, in Tampa, FL. MPEX Business Solutions is planning to expand its presence across North America over the next few years.


Mr. Rancourt and Mr. Dubois’ success story as entrepreneurs started in September 1990. Both businessman had created their own company, each one developing his own set of solutions in the workforce software and turnkey solutions sphere when they concluded that a strategic alliance to develop an integrate payroll and time and attendance solution was in the cards for them. After their first successful implementation at Guardian Industries in 1991 in four of their plants across Canada, they realized with even more clarity than ever what their future could hold if they kept working in tandem. Since then, both companies have moved into the same premises and their solutions have now been implemented right across Canada. In 2009, they decided to merge their efforts even more tightly in order to realize their next big dream: to design and deliver to the market an application in the cloud as a service, SaaS.

To that aim, since 2009, both entrepreneurs have worked very closely with their senior analysis teams to build the single worldwide workforce application that would revolutionize the industry. In 2012, that dream came true. 

Their new creation, the SaaS MX-Solution based in the Cloud, was born.


MPEX offers challenging careers to applicants who are motivated by the fields of business software and accounting. If you wish to join a dynamic team of professionals specialised in programming, software design, system integration, software training, sales and customer service, MPEX Business Solutions is the place to be.

If you have the right qualifications and wish to be part of a stimulating work environment, a rewarding career at MPEX is the answer.

Send your resume to: careers@mpexsolutions.com

Available positions

Position Location Requirements
Software developer Tampa, FL 3 years programming experience in .net and MsSql
Implementation & training consultant Tampa, FL Experience in Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR
Customer service representative Tampa, FL  Experience in Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR
In-house sales representative Tampa, FL Experience in Time and attendance and sales
In-house sales representative New York, NY Experience in Time and attendance and sales
In-house sales representative Cupertino, CA Experience in Time and attendance and sales
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